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Weird Vibe, Inc.

Screenwriting, cinematic sound editing, graphic novel production, and software engineering by Mark Alan Hedges.


Yup, I am also an experienced software engineer instead of waiting tables. It's lonely though. Please talk to me, or I will have to start making robot friends... and I am not sure they won't revolt and take over the world.


I wrote and produced a graphic novel, EMPIRE OF BLOOD.

Published on Amazon! I am so stoked! The art team made something sublime, terrifying, and beautiful.

Screenplay Awards & Placements

GLORY SEASON: Feature screenplay adapted from the novel by David Brin.
Permitted spec writing sample.

EMPIRE OF BLOOD: Feature screenplay, produced as a graphic novel.

FORTRESS OF THE HEART: Feature screenplay.
Permitted spec writing sample, adapted from biopic novel.

THE HOLLYWOOD WRITER: Feature screenplay.
(This didn't place finals but I'm stoked for acknowledgment for a fully original work.)


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Mabel the Fancy Hollywood Girl!

Instagram: @mabelthemal

Mark's talented dog, Mabel. Available for acting. She's a fancy Hollywood girl! Probably the only unconditional love he's going to get from a supermodel in this lifetime.


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